Keeping Safe On Our Roads

This week 5C have been on Road Safety Walks and the whole school have been reflecting on keeping themselves safe both at home and when out and about during the weekends.

In an engaging assembly our House Captains and their deputies reminded pupils about safety in the kitchen at home and also when in school. They talked about the essential ways to stay safe when crossing roads and riding bikes and how it is really easy for children to get distracted by their phone or by friends and how they need to be alert to the dangers of traffic at all times.            

As parents please remind your children, particularly older ones, to put their phones away and take out their earphones when crossing the road. Remind them that they can’t trust that drivers will spot them and be able to stop in time – many drivers go too fast and don’t pay enough attention, so anything they can do to protect themselves is a good thing.

Click Below to visit The Department for Transport’s suite of road safety resources.