Y6 – Kingswood Residential 2017

Last week Year six went on a trip to Kingswood for a whole week. We had lots of fun activities which included – powerfan, 3Gswing , abseiling ,crate stack, archery, fencing and lots more. Some of the dorms had a Bunk bed and a sink with lots of storage. Down the hallway there were toilets and showers. In the diner they served yummy food. Overall it was a great experience and hopefully all of us would go again. The best activity was the zip line as we flew really fast down the line. The funniest part of this was when Mr Howlett went down the zip line having a blast: he screamed like a baby! We were lucky to have such an encouraging group leader :Nicole from Kingswood, who gave us hot cocoa at night. We even had a disco on the final night – she was a great DJ. Overall it was a SUPERB trip and we loved every minute!                                                                                           By Eleanor B and Olivia H in 6H


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Tuesday – Update from Mr Howlett
Thursday – Update from Miss Carr