A Sporting Buzz


After school on Friday there was a real buzz around Howbridge with the huge amount of sporting activities that our pupils were participating in. There were football and netball matches against Holy Trinity, our usual Dance, Running and Football clubs and over 50 children from Lower School trying out for our Football Squad. We look forward to a few new faces in the squad on Fridays and seeing others at our Football Fit club on Tuesdays.

Our High 5 Netball team played a superb match against Holy Trinity last Friday. It was a fabulous game and our team played at a very fast pace showing their skills throughout with great goals, great spacial awareness and superb teamwork resulting in us winning the match 7 – 0. A big thank you to all our supporters for cheering us on.” Mrs Brunt

Our Football team played a friendly game last Friday against Holy Trinity. One of the benefits of playing friendly matches is that players are able to experience playing in different positions and trying out different tactics. This was demonstrated by Jimmy who scored our goal by curling it into the net using the outside of his right foot. As the final score was 1 – 1 we decided to end with a fun penalty shoot out. This gave a final score of 8 – 7 to Holy Trinity. Brilliant playing and great sportsmanship Howbridge, well done.” Mr Howlett