Campfire’s Burning

On Wednesday 5th October 2016, year 5  enjoyed an amazing day with Essex Wildlife Trust. The children made their way onto the school field to be met by a circle of seats and a fire pit. Lucy, the instructor, proceeded to explain about fires and how to be safe around them. Then, the children were given the chance to have a go at making sparks under guidance from Lucy. The children loved this pit. After that, Lucy then started to light the fire. As it was windy, the children had to move several times in order to avoid the smoke but they didn’t mind too much as toasting marshmallows more than made up for this. The children toasted their marshmallows to perfection and they tasted lovely!! Finally, the children worked as teams to build a waterproof den. They showed great teamwork and resilience during the task and all the dens ended up being waterproof. Year 5 had a fantastic day and learnt many new key skills.