Celtic Versus Roman

Last week Year 3 brought together a culmination of their Roman topic work with a Roman and Celts Day. The children loved every second of the day and were very enthusiastic about their learning

“We started the day in the hall training to be soldiers by learning how to march in formation and understanding battle tactics such as the ‘tortoise’. We then used this to march up the steps to battle against the Celts. It was great because they didn’t know where we were coming from. It was a fierce but fun battle. We wore a piece of bread around our neck and if this crumbled then we were ‘dead’ and had to cheer on the rest of our team. Next we watched T-Rex and Michael battle, which resulted in Miley- Kay becoming the new emperor. All this was followed by a feast in celebration of our win. We ate chicken drumsticks, grapes, pitta bread and honey shortbread biscuits. There was even a real pig’s head on the top table. It was brilliant fun and I hope we do something similar when we learn about the Vikings.” by Maxwell Whitehead and Chloe Harrison in 3S.