Home School Agreement

“Aspire  Believe  Succeed” 

Our school has a caring, friendly, Christian ethos that aims to develop everyone to their full potential within an atmosphere of mutualrespect and openness, where everyone’s contribution is valued.  

We are all ‘learners’ and celebrate the richness, variety, inspiration and challenge that everyone can bring so giving a high priority to the spiritual development of our school community.


Our Belief is a Partnership:

We want to work in partnership with all members of the school community to provide the very best education we can for each of our children, as we firmly believe this to be the right of every pupil.

 Our school will work with you in partnership to support your child and help them realise their full potential by:

  • encouraging children to work together within an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendship
  • contacting parents if there is a problem with attendance and punctuality
  • keeping you informed about your child’s progress and achievement through the Reading Log, Parents’ Evenings and the Annual Report
  • keeping you up to date with school life
  • sharing news of school activities, expectations and home learning opportunities via regular letters and the website
  • sharing achievements and discussing concerns over work, behaviour or school life including health, punctuality and attendance
  • welcoming your support and assistance in school
  • setting, marking and monitoring homework which will support their learning

As Parent/Carer I/we will support the partnership by:

  • making sure that my child attends regularly and arrives on time ( 8.45am each day)
  • informing the school on the first day of absence
  • understanding that I do not have a right to take my child on holiday in term time without prior agreement with the school
  • letting the school know about any worries, concerns or problems that may affect my child’s work
  • supporting the schools’ behaviour and dress code
  • taking an active interest in my child’s learning and attending Parents’ Evenings or other discussions about my child’s progress
  • supporting my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning

As a pupil I will share in our partnership and:

  • arrive on time ( 8.45am ) ready to learn
  • follow our behaviour and dress code
  • be thoughtful, caring and helpful
  • respect everyone, their belongings and our environment
  • do my class-work and homework as well as I can.

Together we will: Encourage our children with praise and celebrate achievement.

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