Isolation Training Tips from Ruby

Here is an article shared by Ruby in 5S. Ruby had been working hard on her football skills, despite being in isolation.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Training tips for girls whilst in isolation


 Ruby has been training in the garden herself every day. She has also been putting together training sessions and running little zoom online sessions with some of her team mates.

Ruby misses football so much. The  equipment Ruby uses at home at the moment is a ladder, 6 hurdles & cones.Ruby also uses a star kick trainer that goes around her waist and she also has the football flick skills rebounder and net too.


Other than that she will use anything she finds around the house from jumpers, socks and anything else she can get her hands on! She has also been making short videos of some basic football skills with brief instructions as she is really keen for as many people as possible to try football whilst this lockdown continues.

Lila who is also a keen footballer also got in touch with us to share tips for training whilst in isolation. Lila uses a rebounder. You can find them cheap on sites like Ebay. Lila loves to use hers just for working on skills & she spends hours practising using the rebounder.

The Flick Urban, rebounder on one side, ramp on the other can be used for volleys or to control out of the air skills. Lila loves the basket in the middle too which stops the dog rounding up her balls!